Welcome to FurTribe, a brand built on love, compassion, and a deep appreciation for our furry friends. At FurTribe, we are more than just a provider of personalized merchandise; we are a movement dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of stray dogs.

Our brand stands for something greater than just products. It stands for a cause—a cause that resonates with animal lovers around the world. We believe in creativity, innovation, authenticity, empathy, and sustainability, these values guide our journey.

how FurTribe is helping India’s vulnerable strays.

Compassion Through Style

At FurTribe, we support NGOs that aid the 7+ Crore homeless dogs and cats in India facing hardship. Through our "Thread for Bowl" program, we donate vital food and medical care to strays with every purchase made, creating real impact for animals in need. Our donation pool, fueled by our valued customers' generosity, provides essential sustenance, shelter and life-saving care to strays across India.

As our tribe grows, so does our impact. We strive for a brighter, more humane future for all creatures. Join us in our commitment to making this world better, one furry paw at a time. With FurTribe, your purchase brings joy to pets and hope to strays. Together, we can embrace compassion and make a difference.


Healing Through Helping

Your Love Saves Lives

We're a small business with a big heart for animals. When you buy from us, you could be feeding a few dogs, getting them vaccinated, paying for their medicines or pitching for a life saving surgery, and giving them a chance to live again. Tag us on Instagram to show your support, so more people can join in making a difference. Thank you :)