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7 Pawsitive Reasons You Should Adopt A Dog


Hello, fellow dog lovers!

Are you looking to get a dog soon? As October arrives we also have something truly special to celebrate which is, “Adopt A Dog Month”.

Yes, October is not only a month for pumpkin spice lattes but also to celebrate man’s best friend - dogs.

So if you are a seasoned dog lover or a newbie let me give you 7 compelling reasons as to why you should adopt a dog instead of shop. Trust me adopting will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

So grab on to your dog biscuits and stay tuned for a pawsitive experience.


Are You Ready To Adopt A Dog?

Before we dive into the reasons why you should adopt a dog let's first find out if you are ready to adopt a dog.

Adopting a dog instead of shopping is indeed a wonderful choice, but are you truly ready to commit to all the responsibilities that come along with adopting a dog? 

Adopted dogs can have different needs and it is best to do your research if you could be responsible and available enough for their needs.

Here are 8 questions to ask yourself?

  1. Do I have time and money to invest in adopting a dog at the moment?
  2. Am I making an impulsive decision?
  3. Am I responsible enough to take care of my adopted dog?
  4. Why do I want to adopt a dog?
  5. Will I be traveling a lot?
  6. Are everyone in my household on board with adopting a dog?
  7. Can I commit for the long term?
  8. Are pets allowed where I stay?

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7 Reasons You Should Adopt A Dog And Not Shop

1. Save A Life

When you are adopting a dog you are giving them a chance to live a happy and healthy life. You are also saving them from possible euthanasia. Millions of animals are euthanized annually in these shelters due to lack of space.

When you adopt a dog you are not only saving one but 2 lives, as when you adopt you are making space for another dog.

Most of these dogs end up in a shelter for no reason of their own, most of their previous owners aren't able to take care of them for multiple reasons and when you choose to adopt a dog it gives them a second chance of having a happy home that they truly deserve.


2. Less Expensive Than Buying

If you choose to buy a dog from a breeder then it can be expensive, most of the breeders sell purebred dogs at a much expensive cost.

When you are adopting, you are only paying fees for the shelter which in turn helps them take care of other animals. Also, most of the shelter dogs are spayed\ neutered and vaccinated which in turn reduces overall healthcare costs.

If you choose to adopt a senior or a hard-to-place dog then it can fall much cheaper as compared to adopting a puppy.


3. Unconditional Love

Adopted dogs provide unconditional love and they will be forever grateful for providing them with a healthy home.

Your adopted dog will give you comfort and be by your side when you are feeling sick. You will always have someone to greet you at the door after a hard day at work. They will provide you utmost loyalty and protection.

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4. Stay Active

Your adopted dog needs regular exercise and they are not the only ones benefitting from it. Walking your dog is a low-impact exercise that you can easily do anywhere and meet your fitness goals.

 Walking your dog will not only maintain your cardiovascular health but also improve your skeletal and muscle strength.

Playing with your adopted will not only help you keep physically fit but also increase serotonin and dopamine levels which helps in relaxation. So owning a dog can be great for your mental health too.

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5. Standing Against Animal Cruelty

Puppy mills are dog breeding facilities where the basic needs of the mother dogs and puppies are ignored. These dogs are bred only for profit and once these dogs can no longer breed they are abandoned or killed.

When you are buying a puppy from such breeders you are indirectly supporting these puppy mills which is why you should be adopting a dog instead of shopping.

If you notice any such breeders in your vicinity do report them to the authorities and create more awareness against these puppy mills.


6. Find Your Forever Best Friend

Adopting a dog can give you a companion that you always longed for. Research has shown that having a pet can help you deal with loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Having a dog has a lot of positive health benefits too.

Being with a dog and petting them can help calm down the nervous system. Your adopted dog will offer you companionship and joy and will never judge you even on your bad days.

A positive interaction with your adopted dog can release oxytocin hormone which helps in stress reduction and improving your emotional state.

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7. Encourage Other People To Adopt

When you choose to adopt a dog you are also encouraging your friends and family to do so. When they see how adorable your adopted dog is and how much fun you have together they will be motivated to adopt.

When your friends ask where you got your cute pet from you can proudly say from the shelter which encourages them also to support the shelter and adopt instead of shop.

Final Words

So there it is you now have all the great reasons to adopt a dog, and if you decide to hop onto this journey it will give you immense satisfaction to know that you are also saving a life.

Remember adopting is not only giving a homeless pup a home but it is also about welcoming a new member into your family, through which you will reap numerous physical and emotional health benefits.

Our brand FurTribe is built on this love and compassion for our four-legged furry friends. We are not just a dog merchandise brand, but we also stand for a cause to make a positive impact on the lives of stray dogs.

For every purchase that you make, we donate food to strays, ensuring that each transaction becomes an opportunity to create real impact and lasting change in their lives.

Read more about our pioneering 'Thread for Bowl' program. Have a paw-some experience.

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- Dr. Zainab Rampurwala


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