Adopting Love: Transform Street Dogs into Cherished Companions in India

Adopting Love: Transform Street Dogs into Cherished Companions in India


India is home to millions of street dogs, each with a tale of resilience. Furtribe steps in not just to share the love for pets but to bridge the gap between compassion and action by supporting street animals' welfare through its innovative products and community efforts.

The Plight of Street Dogs in India

The streets of Indian cities teem with dogs that often suffer from lack of food, shelter, and medical care. Many of these dogs face harsh conditions and severe health issues without any hope of rescue. By adopting a street dog, you give one of these deserving souls a chance at a better life, and you enrich your own life with unconditional love.

How to Adopt a Dog from India

Adopting a dog from India involves several steps but is ultimately rewarding. Start by contacting local shelters or adoption agencies that can guide you through the process. You'll need to meet certain legal requirements and ensure your new companion is ready for a home.

Health and Safety Preparations

Before you can bring your new pet home, they must pass health checks and receive necessary vaccinations, particularly against rabies. It's also vital to have your dog microchipped for identification and safety.

International Travel with Pets from India

Taking a pet out of India requires understanding the specific regulations of your destination country. You'll need various documents and health certificates, and you should know the rules for pet travel by air, including potential quarantines.

Furtribe’s Role and Contributions

Furtribe supports animal welfare directly by collaborating with local NGOs and shelters involved in rescuing and rehabilitating street dogs. Every purchase from Furtribe, be it Custom dog portraits or Unique gifts for pet parents, contributes to these efforts, helping to fund food, medical care, and shelter.

Success Stories

There are countless uplifting stories of pets who have found loving homes through adoption. These narratives not only raise awareness but also encourage more people to adopt. Sharing your story can inspire potential pet owners to take the leap and open their homes to a new family member.


Adopting a dog from the streets of India is a noble act that transforms lives. It's about giving a voice to the voiceless and making a tangible difference. Furtribe invites you to be a part of this change—not just by adopting but also by supporting our mission through the purchase of customized pet products.

Things to do

Explore our range of products designed with love and purpose at Furtribe. Every item you purchase helps us support more street dogs in need. Visit our website to learn more about how you can make a difference.
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