How to Adopt a Dog in India

How to Adopt a Dog in India

Adopting a dog in India is more than just bringing a pet home; it’s a step towards improving animal welfare and reducing the burden on shelters. With over 30 million street dogs in India, adoption is a critical tool in providing these animals with a safe, loving environment and reducing the homeless animal population.


Understanding the Importance of Adoption:

Adoption addresses a significant issue in India - the large number of homeless and vulnerable animals. By opting for adoption over purchasing from breeders or pet shops, you’re contributing to a more compassionate society and promoting responsible pet ownership. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective choice, encompassing sterilization and vaccination costs, and is environmentally friendlier by reducing the demand for pet production.

Ways to Adopt a Pet in India:

• Visit Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations: Organizations like Blue Cross of India, Friendicoes, and People for Animals offer a range of pets for adoption.
• Online Adoption Portals: Websites like Petfinder India and Dogspot Adoption connect you with numerous animal shelters and rescue organizations.
• Social Media Platforms: Facebook and Instagram feature pages and groups dedicated to pet adoption, providing information and facilitating connections with animal shelters.

Facts about Pet Adoption in India:

• A surprising 90% of pets in India are abandoned or relinquished by owners. Only 10% are adopted.
• Adoption fees vary but are typically between Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000.
• While dogs and cats are commonly adopted, there’s a rising trend in adopting other animals like birds, rabbits, and guinea pigs.
• A survey by World Animal Protection reveals a positive trend: 7 out of 10 Indians prefer adopting a pet rather than purchasing one.


Adopting a pet in India goes beyond providing a home to an animal; it’s about contributing to a greater cause of animal welfare and building a more compassionate society. Every adoption is a step towards reducing the number of homeless animals and promoting a culture of responsible pet ownership.

You can find detailed information online regarding pet adoption based on your region, and may or may not be same according to your local / state laws. Please refer or consult local authorities, shelters and NGOs for further information regarding pet adoption.
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