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Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During Diwali

Celebrate a Compassionate Diwali: Safeguarding Strays and Treating Your Pet Right

The festival of Diwali brings joy and celebration to homes across the nation. However, it's essential to remember that not everyone enjoys the festivities as much as we do. Our four-legged friends, both domestic and stray, can find Diwali a stressful time. This year, let's make Diwali kinder to animals and ensure that our pets have a safe and comforting experience. Here's how you can do that while giving the best Diwali gifts to your fellow pet parents.

Avoid Firecrackers to Safeguard the Strays Outside

Fireworks can create an atmosphere of terror for stray animals. The deafening noise and bright lights can send them into a state of panic. This Diwali, be a part of the solution by avoiding firecrackers. Opt for noiseless, eco-friendly celebrations that don't contribute to animal distress.

Be a Blessing for Someone Else - Donate to a Charity

Spread the spirit of giving by donating to an animal charity this Diwali. Your contributions can provide food, shelter, and medical care to countless strays. This act of kindness will not only make your Diwali more meaningful but also contribute to the welfare of animals in need. Through our 'Thread For Bowl' Program, for every purchase made, we dedicate ourselves to donating food to strays, ensuring that each transaction becomes an opportunity to create real impact and lasting change in their lives.

Keep Fresh Water and Food for the Strays in Your Neighborhood

Set up bowls of fresh water and some food in your locality for stray animals. The festivities often disrupt their regular food sources, and your gesture can ensure they don't go hungry during the celebrations.


Do Not Shoo Away Stray Animals

During Diwali, strays might seek shelter in your vicinity as they are frightened by the explosive noises. Instead of shooing them away, offer a quiet corner or some old blankets where they can find refuge until the chaos subsides.


Ensure Your Pet Feels Safe

Diwali can be an anxious time for pets, too. Ensure that your pet feels safe by keeping windows and doors closed. This reduces noise and light, helping to maintain a calm environment. 

Keep Your Pet Busy

To help your pet remain relaxed, engage them in various activities. Play games or use calming music to keep your dog occupied during the loud noises.  


Keep a First Aid Kit Handy

A pet-friendly first aid kit is essential during Diwali. Accidents can happen, and it's crucial to have the necessary supplies on hand to provide immediate care if needed.

Now, as you gear up for a compassionate Diwali, consider gifting the best Diwali presents to your fellow pet parents. Our customized pet portrait frames, personalized pet portrait coffee mugs, and eco-friendly tote bags are not just great gifts but also a part of this kind celebration.

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This Diwali, let's make it memorable for everyone, including our furry friends. Let your celebration resonate with compassion, and together, we can ensure a Diwali that is safe and soothing for all.

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Remember to keep your dog safe in Diwali, and follow these tips to ensure a stress-free and kind festival for all.

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